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Our company’s mission statement

1. Customer orientation
We maintain an open, cooperative dialogue with our customers. At the same time, we never lose sight of our aim to offer our customers the greatest benefits. The measuring gauge for our customer satisfaction is, among other things, the complaint rate. We are not satisfied with the present extremely low rate, and instead set ourselves the objective of a constant rate of 0.0%.

2. Employees
For us, qualified and motivated employees are a crucial factor for success. We provide excellent performance through the commitment and expertise of our employees.

3. Collaboration
Trust, loyalty, transparency, fairness, reliability, attention and respect characterise our conduct both internally and externally. We act in a consistent and reliable manner. Our word is our bond.

4. Our products Mix
We supply customers around the world with high-quality catering products at attractive conditions. In doing so, we are able to provide our customers with customised solutions to meet their individual needs.

5. Market position
In line with our principle ‘performance creates success’, we have managed to firmly establish the brand name iMettos on the market. We are aiming to be the clear market leader in our segment.

6. Innovation
We see ourselves as a thought leader and pioneer for innovative actions in our sector. In the process, we set standards in technology, quality, service, price and design that are oriented towards optimum customer benefit and customer requirements. We see technical new developments as an opportunity, and drive changes forward decisively.

7. Marketing
Top performance, innovation and quality are associated with the brand
iMettos around the world.

8. Procurement
We are owning and representing manufacturer who is integrated into our value creation chain. Regular
manufacturer audits are an important part of assessing the quality capability and controls.

9. Social commitment
We keep to our social commitment. As an internationally operating company, we abide by the respective values and standards in all countries, human rights, and legal and social rules in terms of being a good citizen.

10. Handling of resources
We act in a forward-looking manner with awareness of our particular responsibility for the environment and handling of resources.

11. Growth and success
We always act in an economical manner and boost the value of our company. Our executives provide clear, goal-oriented management to success.

12. Company
As a limited company in its first generation, our partners identify with the company and are part of our corporate performance.