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There is nothing more frustrating than making a purchase without having all the information you need to be confident you're spending your money wisely. It's all very well advising customers to take the advice of a plumber or electrician before making a particular purchase, but there isn't always one to hand when you're shopping for the items you need.

iMettos recognises that we service the appliance and equipment needs of lots of different kinds of customers, from small independent catering or hospitality retailers to large chains of restaurants. Sometimes single pieces of equipment are purchased as replacements that will be installed by the business owner, sometimes we provide catering appliances for entire kitchen refits, knowing that qualified plumbers, electricians and shopfitters will be on site to advise on what to buy and how to install and maintain it.

What is common knowledge to one customer might not even occur to another, and vice versa. In any scenario there are always questions that need to be asked and facts that need to be checked, and this applies during purchase, installation, maintainance, use and finally disposal or recycling.

That's why we're constantly reviewing, revising and adding to our buying guides and user manuals, and why we created this iMettos Knowledge Base, a growing resource for purchasers of catering appliances. Whether you need to know more about the differences between single phase and three phase power appliances, what to look for in refrigeration technology efficiency, how to safely and environmentally consciously dispose of waste refrigeration equipment, or simply need metric to imperial conversion charts, the Knowledge base has the information you need.

We have over 15 years experience in manufacturing the equipment as business, and we want to share what we've learned with the whole of our customer base. Watch this space as the Catering appliance Knowledge Base grows article by article.

Knowledge Base Articles: